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AlyElHefny képe
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Csatlakozott: 2010 feb 26
Dear Visitors,
At first I would like to greet you all and express my appreciation for the interest you demonstrate to Egypt, Egypt’s rich history, its unique culture or I should say cultures, the modern and present Egypt and all other aspects pertaining to my country, to Egyptians and to today life in Egypt.
You will surely notice as well the particular aspects of the Egyptian Hungarian relations. These relations do not date back to 1928 when our two Nations established diplomatic relations, as relations are much older and are centuries old. I invite you to get a closer look on the different aspects of Egypt-Hungary relations so that you could understand more about them and appreciate them as much as I personally and all Egyptians back home appreciate them.
I would like to seize this opportunity to express my profound appreciation to the Hungarian-Egyptian Friendship Society, its Honourable President Prof. Dr. Sándor Fodor, its very energetic Secretary General Dr. Hedvig Győry, all distinguished members of the Society and in particular the professional team that produced this state of the art new website that I am sure will get more and more interesting and appealing as the time passes.
And I consider myself as the present Ambassador of Egypt in Budapest very lucky that this website was initiated during my turn of office in the beautiful country of Hungary.
On behalf of the Embassy of Egypt in Budapest I wish that our two Nations’ relationship and our People to People links will grow ever bigger.
Yours sincerely,
Aly El-Hefny
Ambassador of Egypt in Budapest